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Digital Village

by Starling

Collaboration, connection and communication are not just important right now - they are absolutely vital!

People all over the world are dealing with new realities and having to adapt quickly


As entire organisations move behind screens, we need to design a way forward that maintains social connection, keeps our organisations moving and allows us to achieve our purpose.


As leaders we are called to embrace uncertainty and to harness the power of our community to creatively push past the obvious, safe solutions to unearth the truly innovative ones. ​

Starling is here to support you and your teams as you make the move online and face unprecedented challenges.

Virtual offerings: Text

Digital Village Learning

A 6-week program on virtual connection, collaboration & leadership.

Digital Village


Create participative, creative and collaborative (virtual) teams.

Digital Village


Lead with courage and vulnerability.

Digital Village


A 6-week journey into virtual connection, collaboration and leadership.  


A program designed for leaders who want to learn and practice virtual collaboration, commit themselves to courageous leadership and create a culture of connection and innovation. 

What's inside Digital Village?

Digital Village is a 6-week program made up of weekly learning blocks. Each learning block includes:

  • 2hr LIVE experiential learning workshop

  • Weekly design challenge to help you practice and apply your skills right away

  • Curated on-demand resources including readings, videos and podcasts

  • Access to a private online community for connection and support

Throughout our 6 week program, we will be exploring: Facilitation | Collaboration | Virtual tools | Culture | Connection | Wellbeing | Design | Leadership | Innovation | Habits & Structure | Storytelling |


  • Run interactive meetings and engaging workshops using advanced facilitation techniques.

  • Teach others and amplify learning throughout your teams.

  • Create a connected, playful, people-centric online environment that can achieve more in less time.

  • Guide your team using 33+ Liberating Structures customised for a virtual world.

  • Unlock your team’s ability to generate ideas and solutions to the challenges we're facing.

  • Build a culture of connection to combat burnout, isolation and anxiety.

  • Design rituals to guide your culture and to help your team work better together. 

Our learning journey

Week 1: Foundations

Week 2: Ritual & Environment

Week 3: Challenges & Opportunities

Week 4: Ideation & Prototyping

Week 5: Emergence & Iteration

Week 6: Integration

Virtual offerings: Text

What people are saying about Starling's Digital Village sessions:

Timely, informative, and insightful.

exploring a new mental attitude towards work.

Very helpful and so timely given this quick transition to remote work. I loved collaborating with people outside of my "silo", tapping into the larger group intelligence of the global community!

Highly engaging, practical and informative. Smooth, confident facilitation, while deeply approachable and personable. So good to connect!

The hands-on experience gave me the confidence to jump right in and use the tools in my team meetings the very next day!

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